The name EUTOPIA derives from the ancient Greek εὐ τόπος – which means “good place”. Traditionally, “Eutopia” (as opposed to “Dystopia”) also describes a positive future world or state of society. If we want this state to be a realistic Utopia, we have to create and promote it though active efforts. The house EUTOPIA wants to be a good place in several ways: by providing space for creative activity, by being a fertile ground for social innovation, by enabling people to develop their full potential, by facilitating encounters and exchange, but also by “simply” being.

Venue Rental

Our charming venues are available for rent for events. Here we present the rooms and the available equipment.

Co-Working Space

Get to know our co-working space and the community that it hosts.


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Artists and diverse groups enrich the cultural profile of EUTOPIA through their work, activities and courses. See the artists’ profiles and offers here.



ibugi is an academic affiliated institute at alanus university located in Bonn. It is simultaneously a socio-entrepreneurial project. We are primarily concerned with education as the basic foundation of social and economic innovation. We work as a goal-oriented team which was initiated by Prof. Dr. Marcelo da Veiga.